Monday, 9 April 2012

So the other day I came across the cutest video I’ve ever seen

And it made me think of this lovely dress I brought last week, I’ve turned it into a skirt now as it was slightly too tight on the top, am just in love with this Bambi print!! ( Sorry the picture is so bad!)

Also went into Forever 21 the other day, just can’t control myself in there! Picked up a few bargains.

This simple playsuit: £11.90

This laser cut detail top £12.00

Took a photo of this top against the light and thought it looked really pretty!

This white blouse: £14.95

And these earring: £1.65

And I got student discount so bargain!!

Been trying to reinvent my style slightly at the moment, need to get out of wearing the jeans t-shirt and hoodie combo everyday! 

Yesterday went to see the new Matilda Musical in the west end, was so good! Really enjoyed it, here’s a cheeky photo I took of the set.

Also my mum brought me and my sister this mug, is she trying to tell us something??

Also I have stupid cold so please bring me some soup please!

Saturday, 7 April 2012


Thought it was time I finally got on this blogging bandwagon.

Not really sure how to start this, hoping to use this blog to collect visual inspiration and ideas together while I try and build my practice as a photographer! But that all sounds rather lardy dar!

Anyway, here is some of my work from my current photography project where I’m looking at my student house, while I’m home over Easter I hope to create work in this house too.

So thats where I am right now, would love any feedback! Thanks for looking.