Monday, 9 April 2012

So the other day I came across the cutest video I’ve ever seen

And it made me think of this lovely dress I brought last week, I’ve turned it into a skirt now as it was slightly too tight on the top, am just in love with this Bambi print!! ( Sorry the picture is so bad!)

Also went into Forever 21 the other day, just can’t control myself in there! Picked up a few bargains.

This simple playsuit: £11.90

This laser cut detail top £12.00

Took a photo of this top against the light and thought it looked really pretty!

This white blouse: £14.95

And these earring: £1.65

And I got student discount so bargain!!

Been trying to reinvent my style slightly at the moment, need to get out of wearing the jeans t-shirt and hoodie combo everyday! 

Yesterday went to see the new Matilda Musical in the west end, was so good! Really enjoyed it, here’s a cheeky photo I took of the set.

Also my mum brought me and my sister this mug, is she trying to tell us something??

Also I have stupid cold so please bring me some soup please!

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